Above is a picture of Rosa, an endangered and injured wild scarlet macaw. Her rescue and care, and that of many like her, is made possible by gifts from people like you. Although her injuries kept her from flying free, she nurtured many other birds liberated from the Parrot Rescue and Liberation Center in the indigenous village of Mabita in Honduras. Join us in this work, because we need your help. Click here to donate now!

We're sorry to tell you that Rosa recently died (read her story here). Unfortunately, her story is all too common. Without the Rescue Center, the future of wild parrots in Honduras is bleak. Please support the efforts of the Rescue Center to keep wild parrots flying free.

With all of the environmental crises humanity is facing, it can be hard to believe that individuals can make a difference. In Honduras, we’re fighting back by helping native people save their national bird, the scarlet macaw, and stand up against corruption and violence. The Rescue Center helps local families support themselves, preserve biodiversity and strengthen the ecosystem.

One Earth Conservation began to work with endangered scarlet Macaws in Honduras in 2010 after indigenous people in the village of Mabita were shot and fleeing violence. Things did not start off well, and in 2014, not one wild scarlet macaw chick escaped being poached for the illegal wildlife trade. In 2016, not one wild scarlet macaw chick in Mabita entered the illegal wildlife trade! All this was possible because of the existence of the new Rescue Center. This is a tremendous success in a challenging area and with limited resources.

Our success is also proving challenging. The government is bringing more parrots, which means added expenses for food to feed the liberated flock, medicines for the sick birds, such as Rosa, and more liberation cages. More than ever we need a nursery and clinic to care for the wounded and ill birds when they arrive.  Please help us keep them well, so they won't die like Rosa, and won't even be poached in the first place.

We do this so that in the only remaining place in Honduras where the country’s national bird survives as a natural population, the people and parrots can flourish.  With your support and solidarity, we help the Miskitos save themselves, and save the parrots.

Thank you for your support,
LoraKim Joyner and Gail Koelln
Co-Directors, One Earth Conservation


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